Intel Management Engine (ME/AMT) Firmware Version (LP)(5Mo)
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Intel Management Engine (ME/AMT) Firmware Version (LP)(5Mo)

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Date & Version: 2021/06/03, (5Mo)

Release: Production

SKU: Corporate LP

Type: Region Stock

Plateform: SPT/KBP-LP C

Revision: C0

Pour: Intel 100/200/300-series Corporate LP chipsets

Release Note: 

Version release for INTEL-TA-00539:CVE-2021-0161, CVE-2021-0164, CVE-2021-0165, CVE-2021-0169, CVE-2021-0171, CVE-2021-0177, CVE-2021-0178, CVE-2021-0179,CVE-2021-0166, CVE-2021-0172.
: Fixed the following security vulnerabilities: CVE-2020-24507,CVE-2020-8703,CVE-2020-8704.
Version Applied additional mitigation for the following security vulnerabilities: CVE-2020-24586, CVE-2020-24587, CVE-2020-24588 Fixed an issue wherein Intel(R) Boot Guard ACM value shows 0 after resuming from S3. Fixed an issue wherein No Post intermittently happens when powering on the system.
Version Enhancement to address Security vulnerability CVE-2020-8696, CVE-2020-8698, CVE-2020-8695, CVE-2020-8694. Enhancement to address Security vulnerability CVE-2020-10255. Enhancement to address Security vulnerability LEN-48100 Yngwei-Vul6,
Version Security update Addresses security vulnerabilities CVE-2020-8705, CVE-2020-8750, CVE-2020-8747, CVE-2020-8753, CVE-2020-8754, CVE-2020-8746, CVE-2020-8760, CVE-2020-8756, CVE-2020-8745, CVE-2020-8744, CVE -2020-8757, CVE-2020-8761, CVE-2020-8755, CVE-2020-8751, CVE-2020-8752,CVE-2020-8749, CVE-2020-12297, CVE-2020-12303, CVE-2020-12304, CVE-2020-12354, CVE-2020-12355, CVE-2020-12356 


! Station-Drivers ne peut pas être tenu pour responsable en cas de problème !

(! Station-Drivers can not be held responsible in the event of a problem !

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Fdrsoft (admin)
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06 Dec 2021
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