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  • Chipset: Amd X870 Socket AM5
  • Cpus: Supports Ryzen™ 9000/8000/7000 series 
  • Audio: Realtek ALC-4080
  • Sata: Amd X870 Sata III
  • Graphique: AMD Radeon™ Vega Series 
  • USB: Amd X870 USB 4.x/3.2/2.x
  • Reseau (1): Realtek RTL8126BG (5Gbps)
  • Reseau (2):
  • Wireless/Bluetooth: Intel BE200 Wifi 7
  • Thunderbolt:
  • Lien Constructeur: https://www.msi.com/










Version Release Note Date DL
NA na 00/00/00

Amd CPU Ryzen X870 Drivers for Cpus Serie 9000 / 8000 / 7000 series 27/06/24
NC NC Version Version

Amd Ryzen NPU X870 (Neural Processing Units) For 8000 series (Phoenix1) Drivers 06/03/24
NC NC Version 10.1109.0008.128 Version 10.1109.0008.128

Amd Graphics Drivers For Ryzen X870 (AM5) 20/07/24
NC NC Version 24.7.1 Version 24.7.1

Amd PMF Service (8000 Serie) 02/05/24
NC NC Version Version

Amd RaidXpert Nvme 06/07/24
NC NC Version Version

Realtek Universal Audio Driver (UAD) Drivers For Msi (ALC-4000 Serie) 13/05/24
Download Download Download
Version 0513 NC Version 6.3.9600.2379 Version 6.3.9600.2379

Realtek RTL-8126BG, ... Gigabit LAN (5Gbe) Drivers 28/06/24
Download Download Download
NC Version 8.088.1122.2021 Version 10.072.0625.2024 Version 11.18.0322.2024

Intel Proset Wireless Wifi & Bluetooth Software Drivers For BE2xx/BE4xx 26/06/24
Download Download Download
NC NC Version Version

Realtek RTL-8125BG, RTL8126, ... Gigabit LAN (10/100/1000/2.5/5Gbps) Dragon Software Utility (Information) 01/05/24
Download Download Download
NC NC Version 6.10.3301.2 Version 6.10.3301.2

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