Amd PMF Service (8000 Serie) Drivers Version


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Amd PMF Service (8000 Serie) Drivers Version

Date & Version: 03/07/2024,

WHQL: oui (08/03/24)

Officiel: nonoui

Sous: Windows 10/11 (64-bit)


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Revision History:
AMDPMF v23.5.14.0
- Fix BSOD 7e; replace scheduler thread with timer.

AMDPMF v23.5.13.0
- Brightness agent service fix
- Update TA

AMDPMF v23.5.12.0
- General fixes
- Fix feature support/enablement detection api.

AMDPMF v23.5.11.0
- SmartPC added hetero state condition
- SmartPC added FanId2 action
- Added TPM in DC2
- General fixes

AMDPMF v23.5.10.0
- BIOS output 1-2 fix
- Add bios i/o 3-10
- Add to TA output for test policies

AMDPMF v23.5.9.0
- Fix to allow battery device to be disabled without reboot

AMDPMF v23.5.8.0
- General Fixes
- Update socket alpha filter scale

AMDPMF v23.5.7.0
- Add alpha filtered power
- Add battery charge+temp
- Sensor values fix

AMDPMF v23.5.6.0
- Driver s0i3 and ta fixes

AMDPMF v23.5.5.0
- Driver and ta fixes

AMDPMF v23.5.4.0
- Fixes
- Remove deprecated features

AMDPMF v23.5.3.0
- Fixes
- Updated logging

AMDPMF v23.5.2.0
- Bug fixes

AMDPMF v23.5.1.0
- Thermal Sensor Support
- Logging improvements

AMDPMF v23.5.0.0
- Smart P3T

AMDPMF v22.3.0.0
- background constrainer
- REGKEY condition
- P_SLIDER_USER condition
- AGM changes: first column is for SmartPC policies, second is for ASM
- improvements to PMFUtility custom workload table commands
- new ASM policies
- Hearbeat 2.0

AMDPMF v22.2.2.0
- smart PC logic changes
- smart PC binary structure has changed, please use conversion script to update old policies
- general stability fixes

AMDPMF v22.2.1.0
- ASM 2.0 PMF changes ready
- smart PC additions
- ta disabled by default
- s0i3 reboot fixes
- heartbeat bsod fix
- services updated to

AMDPMF v22.2.0.0
- new versioning used for PHX
- heartbeat s4 bsod fixed
- camera status feature enabled
- dynamic PPM enabled
- partial smart PC enablement
- services updated to

AMDPMF v22.0.2.101
- Fixed PHX load on newer SMU FW
- RMB+ additions added to PHX

AMDPMF v22.0.2.1
- Initial PHX PMF release
- TA Deadlock updated
- TA all actions available
- Dynamic Policy support
- BSOD fixes
- EMI only on PHX+


Submitted By:
Fdrsoft (admin)
Submitted On:
02 May 2024
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1,122.20 Kb
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