Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version


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Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (S-H)(1.5Mo)


Date & Version: (24/04/2023) 

Chipset Stepping: CNP/CMP-H A (Z490, H470, ...)

Region: ?

SKU: Consumer S-H (1.5Mo) only

FW update Tool Version:

PMC: (22/02/21)

PCHC: (12/06/20)

USB-C: (25/08/21)

Pour: Z490, H410, ...

Inclus: Flash, Info tools & Firmware.


Release: - Addresses security vulnerabilities CVE-2023-27502, CVE-2023-27504, CVE-2023-28383, CVE-2023-28389, CVE-2023-28402, CVE-2023-32282, and CVE-2023-32633. - Enhancement to address security vulnerability CVE-2022-36392 CVE-2022-38102 CVE-2022-2987 - Fixed the following security vulnerabilities:   - CVE-2022-0004, CVE-2021-33159  - MEFW Capsule update support with new installation tool.  - Added Bitlocker temporary suspend function during update. - Addressed several critical security vulnerabilities:    Fix release for INTEL-TA-00539:  CVE-2021-0161, CVE-2021-0164, CVE-2021-0165, CVE-2021-0162, CVE-2021-0163, CVE-2021-0167,  CVE-2021-0166, CVE-2021-0168,
    CVE-2021-0170, CVE-2021-0172, CVE-2021-0173, CVE-2021-0174, CVE-2021-0175,     CVE-2021-0176,
 - Added support of Microsoft Windows 11 OS.

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Fdrsoft (admin)
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02 Apr 2024
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