Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT) Version 9.0.11000.27915


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Date & Version du drivers: 06/03/2022,9.0.11000.27915 (DTT) Date & Version du drivers: 06/03/2022,1.0.11000.27915 (IPF) WHQL: 17/06/22 Officiel: non Complet: oui Sous: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (20H2 or later) Microsoft Windows 11 (21H2 or later) Systeme: 64bits (X64) Pour: Intel(R) Dynamic Tuning Technology Extension Intel(R) Dynamic Tuning Technology Telemetry Service Intel(R) Innovation Platform Framework Code IDs DTT: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_461D PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3258 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A71D PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_7D03 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_AD03 SWC\VID8086_DTT_1.0 Code IDs IPF: %IdttManager.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1042 %IdttManager.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1041 %IdttGeneric.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1046 %IdttFan.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1048 %IdttPch.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1049 %IdttPower.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1060 %IdttBattery.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1061 %IdttGeneric.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1062 %IdttFan.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1063 %IdttPch.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1064 %IdttPower.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1065 %IdttBattery.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC1066 %IdttManager.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC10A0 %IdttGeneric.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC10A1 %IdttFan.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC10A2 %IdttPch.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC10A3 %IdttPower.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC10A4 %IdttBattery.DeviceDesc% = IpfAcpi,ACPI\INTC10A5 Langues: Multi Release note: Version 9.0.10900.26658 -Added support for EPO (Energy Performance Optimizer) collaboration mode Version 9.0.10705.25772 - Resolved the EPO save/restore issue. This means that all EPO slider settings can be enabled/disabled independently. - Resolved GDDV incompatibility issue. Older DTT build GDDV files are compatible again. Version 9.0.10704.25570 - Change devices to support. Version 8.7.10700.22502 - Support Windows 11, version 21H2. Inclus: Lien Officiel:
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