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Z87M Extreme4

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Version Descriptif date Win Rom  Dos 
2.31 beta TPM 2.0 Support 14/08/18    
2.20C beta 1.Enhance M.2 compatibility when using a PCIe to M.2 adapter.
2.Enhance graphic card compatibility
2.20 1.Add NVMe support.
2.Update Network module.
3.Improve PCIE compatibility.
1.91 beta  Update C0 microcode to support Pentium Anniversary. 19/06/14    
1.90 Modify system ID information.  06/01/14 
1.80 1. Add "USB Compatibility Patch" setup option in BIOS.
2. Modify adjust [FIVR Switch Frequency Offset], system cannot resume from S3 issue. 
1.70 1. Improve memory compatibility.2. Improve "UEFI Tech Service" function.
3. Update GPU EZOC table for i3 & Pentium CPU.
4. Change BIOS "Case Open" option default to "Disabled".




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