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Z87M OC Formula

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Version Descriptif date Win Rom  Dos 
2.00b beta 1.Enhance M.2 compatibility when using a PCIe to M.2 adapter.
2.Enhance graphic card compatibility.
1.90 Improve VGA card compatibility. 19/05/15
1.80 1. Update InstantFlash Module.
2. Update Intel(R) ME.
3. Support i7-4790K, i5-4690K and Intel® Pentium® G3258 EZ OC.
4. Adjust "Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology" setting. 
1.63 beta   10/07/14    
1.61 Beta Update C0 microcode to support Pentium Anniversary.  19/06/14    
1.60 1. Update Intel ME.2. Update CPU code.
3. Hide Intel Turbo Boost Technology if CPU does not support this feature.
4. Improve memory compatibility.




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