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Z87 Pro3

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Version Descriptif date Win Rom  Dos 
3.20 Microcode Update 24/01/19    
2.90 1. Update InstantFlash Module.
2. Update Intel(R) ME.
3. Support i7-4790K, i5-4690K and Intel® Pentium® G3258 EZ OC.
4. Adjust "Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology" setting. 
2.62 Beta Update C0 microcode to support Pentium Anniversary.  19/06/14    
2.60  Modify HDMI audio with Ultra fast mode issue.  28/04/14 
2.50b beta         
2.50a beta  Improve i5, i7 non-K CPU performance.  13/02/14    
2.50 Support Mac OS installation.  27/01/14
2.40a beta  Improve i5, i7 non-K CPU performance.  21/01/14    
2.40  1. Add "USB Compatibility Patch" setup option in BIOS.
2. Modify adjust [FIVR Switch Frequency Offset], system cannot resume from S3 issue.
2.30 1. Update Intel ME.2. Update CPU code.
3. Hide Intel Turbo Boost Technology if CPU does not support this feature.
4. Improve "UEFI Tech Service" function.




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