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Version Descriptif date info DL
2103 1.Fixed 4T HDD not detect in IDE mode.
2.Optimize overclocking function
2004   Improve System performance 12/06/14  
2003 Enhance compatibility for new Anniversary Edition and Devil's Canyon CPU.
Note: Must apply the attached BIOS updater tool first before using the new Intel 4th Gen Core processors. 
1901 Enhance compatibility with some PCIE device.  18/04/2014   
1803 Improve system stability. 20/03/2014  
1707 Improve system stability.  25/12/2013  
1504 1 Enhance compatibility with some USB device.2.Revise help string in BIOS.  30/10/2013  
1405 Improve system stability. 29/08/2013   






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