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Nvidia Quadro Graphics driver 436.02 WHQL (QNF)

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Nvidia Quadro Graphics driver 436.02 WHQL (QNF)

Version : R435 U1 (436.02)
Release Date : 2019.8.20

Full Release notes :

New in Release R435 U1 :

NVIDIA Control Panel Texture Filtering Controls

NVIDIA Control Panel->3D Settings->Texture Filtering-Quality now visible for Quadro products and defaults to “High Quality”.
NVIDIA Control Panel->3D Settings->Texture Filtering-Neg LOD Bias now visible for Quadro products.

OpenGL Driver :

Exposed the following extensions
Enables MSAA.
Enables Timer Queries.
Enables Geometry Shaders and Tessellation Shaders.

Added the following extension

Provides per-context control over SLI mode. For multi-GPU, multi-display configurations, the extension allows explicit control over the content each GPU renders to in each section of the combined display. For example, a VR-capable application can provide performance in VR using VR SLI and also render efficiently to a monitor using SLI AFR.

Added Beta support for GPU Integer Scaling

New control in the NVIDIA Control Panel->Display->Adjust desktop size and position page. Supported on NVIDIA Turing GPUs and later; Windows 10 April 2018 Update and later.

Integer scaling is a new GPU scaling method which scales smaller-than-native-resolution-size source content by duplicating the pixels at the maximum possible integer factor on the horizontal and vertical directions.

Open Issues in Release R435 U1 :

[3ds Max 2017]: DirectX 9, Mode Texture of some models disappears after some time if no operation (such as zoom, pan, or rotate) is performed on the model.

[Quadro K2200][Bunkspeed Shot 2014]: Render Argument exception occurs in Accurate Mode, and Internal Rendering Error occurs with Fast Mode.

Quadro K2200/K60 are not supported by Bunkspeed software.

NVS/Plex/Quadro/RTX/Sync + M Series
Win 10 x64 :

Win 7_8.1 x64 :

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