Intel Thunderbolt Software Version WHQL
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Intel Thunderbolt Software Version WHQL

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Thunderbolt(TM) Software Release Notes ====================================== This document is the release notes for version of the Thunderbolt software

Supported Operating Systems ===========================   Windows* 7   32-bit   Windows* 7   64-bit   Windows* 8.1 64-bit   Windows* 10  64-bit

  Supported Thunderbolt Controllers =================================   L4000 Series                     (Tested with NVM rev 30)   L5000 Series                     (Tested with NVM rev 28)   L5110 Series                     (Tested with NVM rev 9)   L6000 Series                     (Tested with NVM rev 8)     Changes: ======== Version   -  Added Firmware Update SDK for devices based on L6000 controller series.  

Version   -  Added support for Windows* 10 64-bit.   -  Added support for L6000 controller series.   -  Added support for L4000 controller series on Windows* 10 64-bit only.   -  Added support INF based installation.      * All drivers must be installed separately to have the complete functionality.      * Installing Thunderbolt Controller driver (tbtxxx) triggers the full SW package installation.      * Installing Thunderbolt Networking driver (tp2pxxx) installs the Thunderbolt Networking Support.   -  Added Auto-connect mode for Thunderbolt Networking connections without user approval need.   -  Added a desktop icon for fast access to an adjacent PC over a Thunderbolt Networking connection.   -  Added End-to-End mode support for L6000 controller series to enhance Thunderbolt Networking performance.   -  Added support for safe mode notification for L6000 controller series.   -  Enhanced Firmware Update SDK for L6000 controller series support.   -  Added support for Apple* Boot Camp.

Version   -  General improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.0.19   -  SW supports hosts with multiple Thunderbolt controllers.   -  This SW package no longer supports the L4000 controller series. For support of L4000      controllers please use SW package 2.5.7.

Version 2.5.7:   -  SW will now create a Thunderbolt network when connecting two hosts via Thunderbolt      controllers: Windows-to-Windows and Windows-to-MacOS, on L5000 and L5110 controllers.   -  For better usability, the SysTray application can be activated through its binary      shortcut from the Windows Start menu as well.   Version 2.0.4:   -  Added support for L5110 controllers.   -  Added a service component to the SW stack.   -  The SW components (driver, service and System Tray application) will start automatically      when a new Thunderbolt device is connected and will go down when no devices are connected      (except if user has one of these screens open: Settings, Manage Approved Devices).   -  When Policy settings are changed via the system tray application the settings are applied      to connected devices without the need to disconnect them.   -  System Tray application displays error messages when in No Security mode (Legacy mode).   -  System Tray application supports moving devices from 'connect once' to 'always connect' via      the Approve Devices dialog.   -  When a non-admin connects a new device there will be a persistent dialog indicating the      new device (instead of a balloon that disappears).   -  Removed support from Windows 8 32b & 64b and from Windows 8.1 32b.

Version 1.5:   -  Added toast notifications to notify users on need to approve newly connected devices (Win8,      Win 8.1)

Version 1.4:   -  Added support for Win 8.1 32b & 64b

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