Intel Thunderbolt Software Version WHQL


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Intel Thunderbolt Software Version WHQL

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Date & Version du Drivers: 11/10/2016,

Date & Version du Pack: 11/16/2016,

Supported Operating Systems
  Windows* 7   32-bit
  Windows* 7   64-bit
  Windows* 8.1 64-bit
  Windows* 10  64-bit

Supported Thunderbolt Controllers
  DSL4510/4410  Series - 'Redwood Ridge'   
  DSL5520/5320  Series - 'Falcon Ridge'    
  DSL5110       Series - 'Thunderbolt LP'  
  DSL6540/6340  Series - 'Alpine Ridge'    (Tested with NVM rev 21)
  JHL6540/6340  Series - 'Alpine Ridge'    (Tested with NVM rev 9)
  JHL6240       Series - 'Alpine Ridge LP' (Tested with NVM rev 4)

  - Added support for NonAdmin mode through installer switch.
    Run setup.msi NONADMIN=1 when installing the Thunderbolt SW package in order to allow user
    without administrator privileges to approve devices.
  - Changes in MUP to support white space in executable name. Also removed SubVendorId attribute.
  - Change in Installer to set AutoConnect mode by default for Thunderbolt Networking connections.
  - Fix for QoS misleading popup, including fixed bandwidth calculation and relaxed conditions.
  - Fix for WMI registration issue leading to display empty UI (and eventually PCIe enumeration
    drop in SL1).

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02 Dec 2016
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