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Question BIOS: MSI B550 Mainboards - AGESA ComboAm4v2PI 1.2.0.C

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BIOS: MSI B550 Mainboards - AGESA ComboAm4v2PI 1.2.0.C was created by Tom

Posted 1 month 1 week ago #2997
BIOS: MSI B550 Mainboards - AGESA ComboAm4v2PI 1.2.0.C

Release Notes:
- AGESA ComboAm4v2PI 1.2.0.C update.
- Fix D-Sub port can't be work properly with 3000G CPU.

Direct Download Links
B550 GAMING GEN3 (7B86): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7B86vP7.zip
B550-A-PRO (7C56): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C56vAH.zip
B550-A PRO (CEC) (7C56): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C56vH9.zip
B550M PRO-DASH (7C95): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C95v3F.zip
B550M PRO-VDH (7C95): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C95v2K.zip
B550M PRO-VDH WIFI (7C95): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C95v2K.zip
B550M PRO-VDH WIFI (CEC) (7C95): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C95vHB.zip
B550M-A PRO (7C96): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C96v2E.zip
MAG B550 TOMAHAWK (7C91): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C91vAG.zip
MAG B550 TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI (7C91): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C91v27.zip
MAG B550 TORPEDO (7C91): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C91vHD.zip
MAG B550M BAZOOKA (7C95): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C95vAG.zip
MAG B550M MORTAR (7C94): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C94v1J.zip
MAG B550M MORTAR MAX WIFI (7C94): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C94v1J.zip
MAG B550M MORTAR WIFI (7C94): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C94v1J.zip
MAG B550M VECTOR WIFI (7D14): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7D14vBE.zip
MEG B550 UNIFY (7D13): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7D13v1C.zip
MEG B550 UNIFY-X (7D13): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7D13vAC.zip
MPG B550 GAMING CARBON WIFI (7C90): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C90v1G.zip
MPG B550 GAMING EDGE WIFI (7C91): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C91v1G.zip
MPG B550 GAMING PLUS (7C56): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C56v1H.zip
MPG B550I GAMING EDGE MAX WIFI (7C92): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C92v1G.zip
MPG B550I GAMING EDGE WIFI (7C92): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C92v1G.zip
PRO B550-P GEN3 (7B86): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7B86v87.zip
PRO B550-VC (7C56): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C56vI6.zip
PRO B550M-P GEN3 (7D95): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7D95v17.zip
PRO B550M-VC WIFI (7C95): download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C95vHB.zip

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Last edit: 1 month 1 week ago by Tom.

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